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what is localization

What is localization and how does it work

Localization is usually involved with translation, but these terms mean two different things. So, what is localization? Find out in this article!

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English to French translation

English to French Translation – A Must When Doing Business in France

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business internationalization

Why business internationalization is highly important these days

Business internationalization is a term that sprung up out of nowhere in the past decade and it makes one wonder what all the fuss is about. Let's find out

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Spanish language in the US

Some interesting facts about the Spanish language in the US

Are you looking up Spanish as a language and wondering whether it is a good language skill to acquire or thinking about how to further expand your English-based business? Universal Translation Services has been looking into the basic facts about the Spanish language in the US and have come up with a fun infographic for you to review while you evaluate the importance of the language.

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eCommerce localization services

Increase international sales with eCommerce localization services

eCommerce localization services are a necessity in the modern world. Many companies require extensive international marketing efforts to increase their revenue. This can be done at its best with the use of translation and content adaptation.

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international SEO strategy

The basics of an international SEO strategy

Online marketing has become an integral part of every businessman’s strategy to get things done. As international SEO strategy has developed into the most major venue for online business development, ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO) has become a great way to garner audience and market for your product. And this is why international SEO has become an integral part of business development for any and all companies worldwide.

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translation prices in USA

How to get the best translation prices in USA for large documents

When you work with multiple documents which need to be translated in other languages, it is normal for you to search for the best translation prices in USA and go with a company or even freelancer which provides quality translations at affordable rates.

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international SEO

How to Start With International SEO and in What Language

As a business, having a website is crucial these days, however, your online marketing efforts may be useless if you don't keep track of your results. If you go through the analytics of your website and notice that you are having regular visitors from countries that do not speak the language your website is published in, you should start thinking about geo-targeting (International SEO).

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importance of time management

The Great Importance of Time Management

If you are a freelance translator, you need to make peace with the fact that the importance of time management should not be neglected in the translation business. A few details that might help you understand this concept are discussed below for your convenience.

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business expansion

The Ultimate Guide to Business Expansion and the Pivotal Role of Translation Services

As a savvy business owner, you are most likely looking for ways to expand your market reach. Advertisements, word of mouth, customer referrals do wonders, but to truly get ahead with your business expansion you should consider professional translation services.

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