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Gaming Translation

When things changed for the human race and the basic necessities were acquired, methods of entertainment started catching our attention. When the first world no longer had to worry about food and shelter like their ancestors, they started focusing on other things. When people got done with their jobs and went home, they needed something to freshen them up. Entertainment is something we have always needed.

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translation automation

Everyone has heard the phrase “united we stand, divided we fall” but we get to see it often in real life too. Even if we don’t fall when we are divided, we struggle alone. The world isn’t designed for humans to be on their own. If we are to survive through things and get to the end of our lives, we need to be a part of a community, help others, and accept help when it is offered to us.

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People often say that sky is the limit but humanity proved it wrong when it went to the moon. We made it a point to go beyond the limits for many reasons, but above all, it allowed us to prove to ourselves that we can. If we had never tried to challenge our limits, we never would have progressed.

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telephone interpreting

A new invention is coming out every other day. It is hard for people to keep up sometimes. The reason you know how to use a smartphone is because you have always seen it around you. Most of the young kids today get their first phone or their own computer in their early teenage.

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industry trends

Over the past few years, the translation has posted exponential growth. Through globalization and the growing immigration demand, the translation business has never seen demand like this in the past. The internet is one of the best driving factors that helped skyrocket the demand for the industry.

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talking dictionary

There was a time when we had to do everything by hand, but then the machines came around and made our lives easier. There are many people in this world who still prefer the old world and rely on their hands to get the work done. The agriculture industry in developing countries is still run by farmers who don’t like machinery’s interference in their work. But for the most part, the advancement in technology has helped humans get rid of some of their burden. In the past, bookkeeping was done on paper. Keeping the records straight required a great deal of expertise and only those who had years of experience with it managed to handle it efficiently.

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Translation technology

If you were born in the 80’s or the 90’s, you’d very well remember that every subject was limited to theoretical practices, commonly known as books. Even the researchers head to the libraries for taking notes. There were surely other ways such as study tours, special classes, activities and group assignments but there was never even the hint of using technology in the sphere of the education. The only perspective common people had in their minds about technology was that it could make appliances better. Cool new gadgets could be called in-fashion and people would consider them as a technological innovation but that was it.

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Translation of YouTube Videos

YouTube is the world's second-most popular website. Since its launch in 2005, it has become a permanent part of every internet user's life. From educational videos to songs, vlogs to reviews, political commentaries to parodies, the content available on YouTube covers every aspect of life. There are many videos with over millions of likes on YouTube which speak of its popularity. A lot of us turn to it for movie trailers, latest song videos, and TV show teasers. It has also become a marketing tool for media companies as they can upload little clips of their movies on YouTube and keep the audience interested.

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human translation

We’ve decided to create another survey for our translators and asked them if they are using machine translation tools and how human translation is affected by the introduction of such tools. Check our the survey to see what our human translators think about this.

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free translation services online

The translation industry is booming these days with lots of companies and individuals looking to get foreign language translation, but free translation services online are also highly searched. Here is how to get free translation services and from where.

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