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freelance translator facts to know

Freelance translator facts: a fun infographic for you to review!

Are you a freelancer thinking about whether to continue working as a freelancer or joining a proper firm? Would some freelance translator facts help you make a decision? Universal Translation Services has made this fun infographic only for you. We are here to tell you all about the experiences of freelancers. In the following lines you'll also get a better idea on how to become a certified translator!

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happy winter holidays universal translation services

Happy winter holidays from Universal Translation Services!

Winter has finally arrived! I understand, it’s difficult to say goodbye to pumpkin flavoring lattes and brightly colored leaves for another year, but it’s time to say hello to freshly fallen snow and cups of steaming hot cocoa. Now it's the perfect time to plan for happy winter holidays!

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How to become a certified translator

How To Become A Certified Translator?

If you have an interest in languages, want to choose translation as a profession or you are already studying a foreign language at your university, chances are, you have one crazy question floating in your thoughts, "How to become a certified translator?"

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Google translator

Google Translator vs. Human Translator – Who Wins?

Online translation from Bing and Google translator may come to mind as a convenient choice if budget is tight. But, do such tools match the quality of human translation? Let's find out!

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human translation

Human translation versus machine translation tools: Are human translators using them? A translator survey

We’ve decided to create another survey for our translators and asked them if they are using machine translation tools and how human translation is affected by the introduction of such tools. Check our the survey to see what our human translators think about this.

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IT translation

What is applied IT translation and what are its benefits for translators

Even to the untrained individual, the importance and benefits of applied IT translation are fairly obvious. In order to reach an audience that stretches beyond the bounds of regions and countries that speak a developer’s native language, IT translation and software localization is a must.

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how to become a freelance translator

How to become a freelance translator in 10 easy steps

How to become a freelance translator? This question comes in a lot these days as people are more inclined to leave their daily job for something more comfortable. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

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how to deal with difficult clients

How to deal with difficult clients as a freelance translator

If you are a freelance professional translator you sure had to do with all kinds of clients, from each clients to difficult ones. Here are some tips to help you out on how to deal with difficult clients.

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translation project managers

Why translation project managers are needed in every translation company?

It’s often impossible to please everyone all the time, but that’s exactly what translation project managers try to achieve every day! At one side they have demanding clients who need to be presented with a state of the art translation at low rates; the other side is the translator's team pressured to deliver first class work. However, do not leave with the impression that all days are doomsday for translation project managers.

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translation memory tool

Using a Translation Memory Tool and Its Importance

Ever since Translation Memories (TM) were introduced, translators and their clients have enjoyed more reasons to be happy. It is now a must-have tool for translation professionals and a factor that is considered by their clients before hiring them.

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