How to Lower Document Translation Costs in 2018

How to Lower Document Translation Costs in 2018
document translation costs

You have been looking at your last budget sheet and the amount of money you had to spend on translation last year was outrageous. You want this year to be different and you need a way to be able to spend reasonably on translations. Well, Universal Translation Services understands your desire for lower document translation costs and we are here to help.

Ways to lower document translation costs in 2018

Following are a few points we have jotted down for you to review regarding translation related budget control.

plan your languages

Plan Your Languages

Moderation is the key. There is a middle line between only having your products presented in English and having your product presented in seventy different languages. You can have a well- research target market data and choose only one or two regions where your business prevails and you will present your content to only that target audience. This way you will have a sensible approach to your content distribution and will have a successful increase in business revenue as well. That being said, even if you find yourself with a product that has a universal target market let us explain how to best approach the consumers there as well.

You can get to seventy-nine percent of the global population by translating your content in only nine languages. And you can get to almost sixty percent of the world population by translating into only five languages. This is a simple way to lower your document translation costs and make sure that you still expand your business effectively. Choosing your target audience and the presentation of your content is the key.

Modern Translation Tools

It is known that modern translation tools basically depend heavily on repeated phrasing. This is how software built translation memory by using the same phrases over and over again. Online content is also developed in a similar manner because online content is aimed to be picked by Google SEO. And all the SEO based software in the world focus on repetitive translation methods. This is why, the usual method by which online content is developed, matches the use of translation memory software. And online content translation through the use of translation memory software becomes a much more lucrative and easy option than revisal thought. Online content is also best served by being presented in as many different languages as possible. This also makes the use of translation for online content a much better option.

use translation tools

Time Management

Your budget is important and so is the time for your chosen translation agency. So make sure that you give your translation agencies appropriate amounts of time. A rushed translation is almost always a bad one and no translation agency likes explaining their content. SO plan your content ahead and put a specific amount of time aside for translation companies to finish the jobs.

These steps will make your experience of using translation agencies much more pleasant and you’ll be able to spend less money for getting the same services. There are simple ways to make sure that the budget you have set aside for document translation costs is good enough, so come see us now!

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